Manila to Cebu Ferry

I have wanted to write about my experience on the Ferry from Manila to Cebu for the past several days, but have been busy. So, here I am, sitting down eating some sweet and sour pork and rice and writing to you my adventure. Now, I am sure I cannot write just how much fun I had…I am not that good of a writer. But I will try.

So, I purchased an overnight passenger ferry ride from Manila to Cebu, taking 24 hours, in a cabin of four. I made sure I arrived to the ferry plenty early and that was where the adventure began. The pictures below cannot accurately depict the complete chaos and manic crowding and pushing that was going on to get through the multi-step process of boarding the ferry. It was like Godzilla was coming up the coastline and everyone was running for their lives. Spielberg could not have directed this mob so well. Thank the Lord I am tall. Being able to see a head above everyone there allowed me to stand in a place of serenity. I did run into a nice young couple from Vancouver, BC and we were just in awe of the experience. It was nice to talk with another traveler who took the experience for what it should be…an adventure, not a hassle. One of the funniest things that the Canadians and laughed about was how skilled the Filipino people were at cutting in line (made me think of a little four year old girl named McKenzie that I know – she can cut in line with the best of them). I would look to my left for a millisecond and POW! two people would sneak in line in front of me on my right. I actually caught myself going backwards once. Makes me laugh now just thinking of it.

Okay, so on the ferry…once on board, everything slowed down to a normal pace. It was like everyone was surprised they made it on board. Maybe Godzilla has an agreement with the big evil ferry company to not attack ferries. Anyways, I was on the ferry for 1.5 hours before it actually left. So, the next thing that just cracked me up was when I open the door to my four-bed bunk cabin and as I dunk my head to walk through the door jam, I looked up at the funniest look on thee men’s faces. I wish I could have taken a picture. You then could see what I saw for a split second….. three faces showing bewilderment, amazement, and shock all at once. Later when we spoke, they all joked how they didn’t expect to see someone like me walk through the door. Mostly Filipinos as far as I could see, use the ferry. Most foreigners just fly over to Cebu. I was asked several times why I did not just fly. I tried to explain the best I could how the ferry was more fun and a new adventure. And I could stretch my legs ☺

The ticket came with two meals: lunch and dinner. Both were traditional Filipino food and were very good. When it came time for bed, two of the other guys and I lay on our bunks and chatted for a while before going to sleep. One of the guys, a 21 year old, kept on trying to talk me into going to Isabelle, Philippines (the opposite way) so I could meet his ‘single boss’ and we could get married. The 43-year-old man in the bunk above him kept looking over at me and just giggled the whole time. It was so funny. At the end, the 21 year old asked if he could give me his Facebook handle so I could give it to ‘single American girl’ for him to meet. Luckily, I got out of doing that by just telling him I did not have Facebook.

Not surprisingly, I slept pretty well. I just love the ocean. The next morning I just hung out on the top deck until a half hour after we docked to let the insanity off the boat. I would like to do a shout out to a Filipino gentleman I met, Gillo. We had some great conversations on the ferry.

Ferry to Cebu

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3 Responses to Manila to Cebu Ferry

  1. Chad and Heather Solsvik says:

    I love the way you tell a story, Reiber! And I also love the photo of the “smoking area” sign just beneath a ship’s smokestack spewing out pollution. Too funny. And what does it say about me that I spend a lot of time thinking about the foods you get to eat? Nonetheless, keep having fun, and we’ll have a steak waiting for you when you come home!

  2. Jan says:

    Hi, I like the picture of the little boy.He looked at you in amazement,so cute.

    • Todd Todd says:

      Thanks Jan. Ya, I seem to get a lot of stares from children, especially here in the Philippines. Of course me wiggling my ears and making faces at them when their parents are not looking, helps.

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